[21/09/2010] Fee Calculation plugin published on the IUCLID 5 website

The Fee Calculation plugin is for registrants to calculate, in advance, the fee payable on the successful submission of their REACH dossier to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The plugin goes through the IUCLID 5 dossier to create a list of fees in accordance with the Fee Regulation for REACH (Regulation EC/340/2008). It works for both REACH registration and PPORD notification dossiers and is also able to calculate the costs of confidentiality claims.

The plugin therefore gives advance information of the likely costs. However, registrants should wait for ECHA to issue an invoice before making their payment.

The installation package for the Fee Calculation plugin, including the user manual, can be downloaded from the IUCLID website: click here.

The Fee Calculation plugin is the last in a series of three IUCLID 5 plugins developed by ECHA to support the registration process under the REACH Regulation.

The Technical Completeness Check plugin allows checking of the completeness of REACH registration dossiers and PPORD notifications before submitting them to ECHA.

The Dissemination plugin simulates the automated filtering of the REACH registration dossiers carried out by ECHA before publication on its website.

Note that all these plugins can be used only with IUCLID versions 5.2 and above.



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