[30/06/2010] The IUCLID 5 Dissemination plugin is now available for downloading

The Dissemination plugin allows you to simulate which information from your registration dossier ECHA will make available over the internet.

The IUCLID 5 Dissemination plugin simulates the automated filtering of the REACH registration dossiers carried out by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) before publication on the ECHA website: it removes certain parts from the registration dossier, while leaving in the parts ECHA is publishing according to REACH Article 119. This plugin will allow you to verify – when preparing your registration dossier in IUCLID 5 – which information will be disseminated on the ECHA website. Its purpose is to help you to prepare REACH registration dossiers which can be disseminated without revealing business-confidential information.

The IUCLID 5 Dissemination plugin supports both the distributed and standalone versions of IUCLID, and can be used only with REACH registration dossiers.

The Dissemination plugin can be downloaded from the IUCLID website in Download \ Version 5.2.0 \ Dissemination Plugin.

Please note that the Dissemination plugin runs only with the latest version of IUCLID (5.2) which was released on the 15.02.2010. If not already done, please upgrade your previous IUCLID installation using the installation packages and manuals available from the ‘Get IUCLID 5’ section of the IUCLID 5 website.



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