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Get EC Inventory

In your work with IUCLID 5, you will see that the system will often prompt you for 'EC inventory' information. The EC Inventory is a list of substance identities which is based on a combination of the following EU inventories: EINECS, ELINCS and NLP-list. It is recommended to download and import the complete EC inventory into your IUCLID 5 installation. Please go to the link below to do so.

Download EC Inventory version 1.2 (English)


To import the new EC inventory and/or the 'list numbers' into your IUCLID installation:

  • Open IUCLID
  • On the 'Home' page presented after login, click the 'Import' link under Import in the Task panel
  • The Import assistant comes up; select the input path and the file containing the new EC inventory
  • Click the 'Finish' button to launch the import


Get pre-registration 'list numbers'

The 'list numbers' assigned to pre-registered substances without a current EC number have been gathered in two 'list numbers' IUCLID files.

A first file contains 17,087 substances that have been pre-registered with a CAS number (series 600 of the 'list numbers') while the second file contains 22,015 substances pre-registered as multi-constituent substances or with only a chemical name as identifier (series 900 of the 'list numbers').

The 'list numbers' should be used to make the registration of these substances easier. For more information, please refer to ECHA press release of 27th March 2009 (ECHA/PR/09/03).

Note: The 'list numbers' should be imported in IUCLID by potential registrants of a substance that was pre-registered without a current EC number.

Download Pre-registration list (600 series)

Download Pre-registration list (900 series)

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