IUCLID 5 plays a central role in the IT environments of all organisations that have to cope with data submission requirements of REACH and other programmes (OECD HPV, EU Biocides and others). Industry stakeholders, EU Member States, the European CHemicals Agency (ECHA) , and any other interested party obtain the IUCLID installation kit from this web site; once installed, the local IUCLIDs are the essential tool to capture & store, submit, and exchange data on chemical substances stored according the format of the OECD [Harmonised Templates]

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[02/10/2014] Give us your opinion on the IUCLID plug-ins

A survey has been launched in preparation for the next steps in the development of IUCLID 6.

[16/04/2014] IUCLID 5.6.0 is now available

IUCLID 5.6.0 features new content and fixes. The main purpose for this release is to update the Classification and Labelling section according to the fourth revision of the GHS (incorporated in the fourth update of the CLP Regulation).

[07/03/2014] New version of Dossier Quality Assistant available

The updated version of the Dossier Quality Assistant is included in the IUCLID Validation Assistant plug-in (former TCC plug-in).

[31/01/2014] New version of the IUCLID Report Generator

You can now synchronise IUCLID with exposure information generated by Chesar.

[11/09/2013] IUCLID 5.5.1 now available

The first update of IUCLID 5.5 has been published.

[24/07/2013] Use IUCLID to prepare your summary of biocidal product characteristics

The IUCLID Report Generator helps applicants in preparing the summary of product characteristics (SPCs) for biocidal product authorisation applications. This tool also supports the creation of chemical safety reports (CSRs) under REACH and replaces the CSR plug-in.

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